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Torahs in the Sinai Temple Ark of the Sanctuary.
Embroidery on canvas with velvet background
lower scrolls 25 x 12 in; upper scrolls 35 x 12 in.
Jerusalem's Eternal Light
laminated and inlaid wood and wood veneer.
12 ft x 7 ft.

Sinai Temple in Champaign IL commissioned the artist to design and fabricate the Ark of the Sanctuary doors and the covers for their Torah scrolls within the Ark.
The fabrication of the Ark doors was done by John Johnson of JMJFinewoods in Ohio in 2002. The covers for the scrolls of the Law ( the Torahs ) is an ongoing project by the artist, since 2004. Sinai Temple owns 8 Torah scrolls. Each Torah has 2 sets of covers; one for the Sabbath services during 49 weeks of the year and one set for the High Holidays and Festival of Tabernacles.